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25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Parents

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Finding great 25th anniversary gift ideas for parents can be a bit daunting! We all know that 25 years is celebrated with silver but buying jewelry is probably not first on your shopping list for a gift for your Mom and Dad.

Thankfully there are lots of alternatives to jewelry. We have put together lots of different gifts that we are sure your parents would love.

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personalized silver paper rose

Personalized Silver Anniversary Gifts

If your parents love flowers but are not to keen on gardening then how about a bouquet of silver roses. And these will last forever!

Available from Just Paper Roses, you can order silver lace roses or personalized silver paper roses. Both look gorgeous and you can send a single rose or a whole bouquet.

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personalized 25th anniversary frame

A classic 25th anniversary gift is a silver photo frame, which is a great gift on its own but by making it personal to your parents you know that they will treasure the gift for a long time. You could add your favorite photo that you have taken of them both together, or you could frame a poem that you have written celebrating their 25 years together.

You can personalize this gorgeous frame with your parent's names and the date of their wedding.

Available from Personal Creations
25th anniversary rose

Silver Anniversary Gifts

If your parents are into gardening there are lots of anniversary plants and especially roses that have been named after specific anniversaries. Or you can find flowers that are such a perfect silver color they are perfect for an anniversary gift. We love this blue-girl rose available from Nature Hills Nursery and there are lots of other silver flowers and plants to choose from.

wedding time capsule

Silver Anniversary Gift Baskets

A silver gift basket is another very personal gift as you can fill it with lots of lovely items that you know they will both love. The gifts in the basket don't have to be silver but you can wrap them in silver paper to keep with the 25th anniversary theme.

This fantastic wedding time capsule is available from Design It Yourself Gifts And Baskets. They have lots of anniversary gift baskets to choose from.

25th anniversary gift ideas don't just have to be silver, the flower anniversary list has the Iris flower as the 25th anniversary symbol, and an anniversary wouldn't be complete without flowers of some sort. You could see if you can find out what flowers your Mom had in her wedding bouquet and see if you can have a bouquet made with the same flowers. Or choose your Mom and Dad's favorite flowers.

25th anniversary gift ideas don't have to even be an actual gift you could think about holding a surprise anniversary party or if you can afford it how about sending them on an anniversary vacation. How about a visit to where they spent their honeymoon? If there are a few of you clubbing together to pay for a great 25th anniversary gift then something like a vacation does become affordable.

Poem For Your Parent's 25th Anniversary

What Are Parents?

They're the wonderful couple

who've given so much,

And who bring love and joy

to the lives that they touch,

They're two special people

who willingly share,

Who are never too busy

to listen and care,

They're the ones who encourage

and patiently guide,

Who think of their children

with genuine pride...

And because their devotion

is loving and true,

Their "family ties"

last a whole lifetime through

This is a great anniversary poem that you could use for your anniversary card or as a tag on an anniversary gift basket.

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