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5th anniversary gifts are traditionally wood. The modern symbol for the occasion is silverware while the gemstone affiliated with it is Turquoise. Daisies are the symbolical flowers for a 5th anniversary. The symbolical color is Turquoise too. There is so much to think about when there are so many anniversary lists and symbols.

Wooden Gifts

wooden 5th anniversary sculpture
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Wood represents a strong and solid relationship. Silverware represents connectedness. There are lots of items that are made of wood. For instance, you can give your wife an ornate wooden jewelry box. If you can afford it, you can include a pair of silver earrings put inside the wooden jewelry box. For the husband, a wooden box for storing cuff links and other knick knacks is really useful - especially if they can never find a matching set or you are always finding them around the house and even on the shirts in the washing machine - voice of experience!

A cheap 5th anniversary gift is a photo frame made of wood. You can spruce up the wooden frame by adding some imitation turquoise stones on it. Remember to insert a photo of you together. This gift is really inexpensive but the thought behind it is worth more than one can imagine.

Anniversary Picture Frame

personalized anniversary frame

This is one of those very cute anniversary gifts, it could be for your wife or husband and it works just as well if you were wanting a gift for family or friends.

This wooden frame fits with the theme and it will be personalized with your names and your wedding date. 

Personal Creations
personalized wooden photo box

Or how about this very lovely photo cube?

Engraved with because I love you and you can then personalize with your names.

Make it even more personal by adding your favorite photos.

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Other suggestions are: a wooden basket; wooden bookends; a wooden jigsaw puzzle; a wooden wine rack; a wooden rocking chair and more. If your spouse plays golf, why not give her/him a 3-wood or a 5-wood?

Sweet Gifts

This album has to be one of the sweetest as not only can you personalize with your names it also has the most adorable saying on the front.

"I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay"

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Sweet here means memorable and meaningful. A fifth anniversary is still a time of adjusting to each other more so if you have a child or two. A nice gift is for you and your spouse to put together a road map going to a special place for a bit or R&R. You can book the place way in advance and present your spouse with the "gift" a day or two before the special day. If you have a small child, make provisions so that a close relative can look after your child as you and your spouse set on a two-day break.

Personalized Wooden Wall Clock

personalized wooden anniversary clock

5 years together as husband and wife and with your own family this clock is a perfect gift. It celebrates the time you have spent together and the fun times ahead, plus it is in wood so it fits with your theme for this year.

Personal Creations

Get a big wooden box and fill it up with new books of your spouse's favorite authors, love notes you wrote or cards that you made yourself as an expression of how much you love her/him. For a nice yet cheap 5th anniversary gift, give your spouse coupons of favors that you will do for her/him. Make a list of the possible errands and favors that you can do for your spouse.

You can give her a coupon for a movie or dinner. You can give her a coupon that says you will help fix the house for 4 weekends. You can tell your wife that you will do the laundry and go to the grocery for a month, 3 months or more.

As a wife, you can give your husband coupons for free massage or cooking (or learning how to cook) his favorite meal. You can also offer to clean the car or accompany him to a ballgame.

Think of possible favors that will make your spouse happy and label you a romantic.


A set of new silverware is practical. Though this gift is not really romantic its practicality as a gift far exceeds its unromantic notion. To veer away from the unromantic, think of silver jewelry.

Or you could think of the silverware at a restaurant and have a romantic evening out, just the two of you.

Personalized Couple's Birthstone Jewelry

personalized anniversary pendant

These are very visual piece of jewelry with both of your birthstones together on one piece. You can have a silver ring and a variety of pendants personalized with your names. This is a gift you could wear every day to remind you of your 5th anniversary.

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