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Modern 21st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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21st wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally celebrated with brass,a metal that has been important for centuries with coins and more practical nautical uses too.

And although it often overlooked as a metal of choice for a gift, there are lots of trully beautiful items that would be perfect to celebrate 21 years together.

Personalized Brass Gifts

These engraved brass cufflinks would make the perfect personalized gift for your husband.

Personalize with their initials and you know they will treasure these.

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If your partner loves to write, how about this beautiful rosewood pen and engraved pencase to match?

You can add your own special 21st anniversary message to the front of the box, as a reminder.

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Brass Jewelry

When it comes to celebrating your anniversary, jewelry is normally a popular choice. The great thing about choosing brass jewely is that it would make a great gift for men and women.

Take this lovely handcrafted brass love pendant available from Novica, a great gift for both of you. They have lots more gorgeous brass peices for you to choose from.

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Gorgeous Gifts

Brass Themed Vacations

Brass gifts always remind me of the sea with all the brass on the ships. We spent a few years in Portsmouth, England and visited the historic ships a number of times. A couple of our friends even got married on the Victory. If you ever get the chance it is well worth a visit. Any ship journey would easily fall into the brass gift category.

If you are not close enough to the sea to visit then you can still find great brass goodies. Nautical brass gifts could be a compass, portholes, clocks, diving helmets and oil lamps.

For those of you who enjoy a more relaxed way then how about an anniversary trip to a great British country pub with all their brass ornaments and beer pumps. Good food and beer would be a great way to spend a lunchtime.

Or if music is more of your thing why not take a trip and listen to a great brass band in concert.

With all this brass around don't forget the bottle of Brasso and some cloths - but not as a gift!

Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary!

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