Romance Is Not Dead In Britain

I was reading today about a recent Anniversary Celebration study by Travelodge, a hotel group in Britain and how unromantic and forgetful everyone was when it came to their anniversary. In all press mentions of the study it was always the doom and gloom of the statistics that were being shouted about.

So we thought it would be a good idea to look at all the positive stories that have come out from the numbers, sure they are not the sensational figures needed to sell papers but they do give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

A bit of background on the study 3000 couples were interviewed about how they celebrated their Anniversary due mainly to the hotel group celebrating their 30th Anniversary (which is pearl if you were wondering). Travelodge are offering couples who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year a free nights stay, all the details are here.

British Romantics On Their Anniversary

  • 4/5ths of couples know when their anniversary is
  • 87% are not too busy nor do they find celebrating an Anniversary outdated
  • 54% of the couples interviewed do bother to celebrate their wedding date every year
  • 55% said their partner remembers their anniversary
  • more men (47%) remember their wedding anniversary then women (43%)
  • When it comes to knowing the date, there is no difference between the sexes
  • Those that do celebrate spend on average £111.11 and out of this £41.14 is on a gift and £69.97 on going away or going out.
  • Men spend more on their anniversary gift than women by £25.00

 So how romantic are you two?


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