Anniversary Party Ideas For Everyone

by Suz
(Anniversary Gifts By Year)

First, a big congratulations to you both for your up and coming anniversary! And don't panic we are here to help you plan the best party ever.

I have 28 years experience as an Event Manager, I have helped thousands of couples plan their celebrations and look forward to helping you plan the anniversary party of your dreams.

There is specific advice for renewing your wedding vows which is such a lovely way to celebrate.

Also have a look at how to plan a wedding anniversary party for free printable checklists and ideas for all the little bits.

And for inspiration here are lots of previous tips for you to get your own ideas.

Happy Anniversary!

Best wishes


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I need help planning a 5 year anniversary party for my husband and I.

We will be married for 5 years next year. We would like to plan something nice but informal. We would also like to have a carribean theme. Everyone that I've asked about it laughs and thinks its a crazy idea. But my husband and I dont feel that we should wait until we're married 25 years before we celebrate. We both understnd that every day is not promised to us! HELP


Every wedding anniversary is important and you are right you don't have to wait for the 'big ones' to celebrate. Plus a party with your family and friends is always fun.

You need to think about the number of guests you want to invite and from that number you can decide on the venue. Would you be able to hold the party at home or will you need to hire a venue?

If you need to hire a venue then start looking for one that will hold your numbers and that you feel happy with. Check out their prices and conditions for hire. Will they be able to provide a Caribbean themed buffet and will you be able to decorate the venue before.

When you have the venue booked and the date you can start thinking about your invitations, if you had your honeymoon in the Caribbean you could have a photo of the two of you on the front from then. Make sure you send your invites out with plenty of time. As you want an informal party you may want to send an email invitation instead - this will save on costs. Remember to mention if it is fancy dress!

You could look to welcome your guests with flower garlands and a Caribbean cocktail.

See if you can hire a Caribbean steel band to play during the party or alternatively have some good music to play.

If your guests are up for it you could have limbo contests and grass skirts!

Decorate the room with palm trees, exotic flowers and beach items.

Sounds like you will have a fun 5th wedding anniversary - would love to see the photos after the event!

If you need any more helps with specifics then drop us a line.

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How to celebrate parent's 25th anniversary

25th Anniversary Party Idea

25th Anniversary Party Idea

They met in college. They had seen each other around and he even helped tutor her once but had been shy the whole semester to ask her out...finally they met up the last day before she was about to take a year abroad. they exchanged numbers and continued to talk until she left for the year. when she got back they reunited and were married a year later!

With such a great romantic story your parents need a beautiful romantic celebration!

If you have the funds to throw a 25th anniversary party then a college theme in silver would be fun, you could even have it as a prom theme. Find a photo of your parents from when they first met and use that as the front of your invitation.

As well as playing great music from the eighties make sure you crown them as Prom Queen and King!

Or rather than a big party you could treat them to a romantic meal at their favorite restaurant.

Lots more 25th wedding anniversary ideas for you to have a look at.

Good luck planning a fantastic 25th anniversary celebration!

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How To Plan A Surprise 25th Anniversary Party For Your Parents

by Michael Edward

My parent's are going to be married 25 years, come 2012. My mother was a school teacher for many years, and my father is an Electrical Contractor. They both enjoy traveling, night out on the town, etc. My father likes to go places that have a great scenery so he is able to go running, and my mother enjoys the scenery to go walking. We live near Phila. and the city scene is pretty much an they enjoy going out in the country more when vacation comes around. They love each other, though there is the occassional feud. They enjoy company with friends and family, but I am not sure on how to make this party. Should it be large with both sides of the family and friends. Or, should I just make it the immediate family and have a dinner out. I am a college student, and an only child. So the price is limited. We do have an extraordinary victorian house, and I would love to just throw the party here and have the house very neat and clean.

Hi Michael

It sounds like you have the beginning of a great 25th anniversary party, however if you are unsure on how your parents will react on having a surprise party then see if you can have a chat with their siblings or a close friend. That way you can also have some help in planning the party and tehy will know if your parents would want a small intimate party or a big party for everyone.

When you have had a chat and have some help you will need to set a date and send out the invitations.

See if you can get a group of friends and family to come together and bring the food, it could be a pot luck buffet! If there are friends that love music and know what your parents would love then ask them to look after the music for the night.

When you plan a party it is a great idea to put people in charge of certain areas rather than having everyone helping together as it gets confusing.

You will also need to plan a way to get your parents out of the house on the day of the party or have someone suggest to take them out for dinner to celebrate and then drive them back home! You will think of something that will work for your parents.

Have a look at how to plan a wedding anniversary party to get ideas and also use the free printable checklists to make sure you don't forget anything.

Good luck with your plans.

Simon and Suz

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How to organise a surprise 40th anniversary party for my parents?

by Sally-Ann Whillock

40th Anniversary Balloons by theotherway

40th Anniversary Balloons by theotherway

Hi Sally

First you need to think about the type of party your parents would enjoy - do they want a big get together with lots of family and friends or a more intimate family meal?

When you have decided it would be good to get some help! This way you cn share some of the tasks of pulling it together!

You will need to find a venue, decide on a date and get it booked. Have a chat with the key members of the party to make sure they can make the date before you book.

When you have your date and venue you will need to organise invitations and send them out, explain on the invite that it is a surprise and to have the replies sent to you.

Closer to the date you will have a better idea of numbers so you can confirm these to the venue if needed and organise the catering. You could even have everyone bring something for the food if you are catering the event yourself.

For decoration you can't go wrong with sticking with the 40th anniversary theme of ruby and have deep red balloons and flowers. You can of course get Happy 40th Anniversary banners and confetti from most party shops.

The tricky part will be to keep this all a surprise - good luck with that! You could tell your parents that you want to take them out for dinner on the date you have set for the party and then you know that they won't plan anything else. Have them picked up by yourself or add to the occasion with maybe a limousine or classic car.

Take a look at more 40th anniversary ideas here.

Don't forget to ask someone to take lots of photos, or arrange a photographer as you will probably be too busy to do this yourself and you don't want to miss anything.

Have fun with the plans

Suzanne and Simon

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My husband and I are planning our 30th anniversary for next year. We live on 10 acres and would like to host a camp out/music fest with family and friends.

by Hannah
(Rescue, Ca.)

My parents today.

My parents today.

Alan and Kelley have been married for 30 years and have 4 almost all adult children. They share the love of Family, Friends, Comedy and MUSIC!!!
Financially, Alan and Kelley are barely making ends meet even after 30 years, so planning a budget for this milestone in their life is necessary. At least they have a year in advance to plan and with the renewal of their vows, they would like to share it with all the people who love them and look up to this funny little couple with admiration, as they have not only set an example for their children but for the rest of the world as well.

Your whole 30th anniversary party concept sounds amazing! I am imaging more of a festival feel than a traditional party with a big camp fire and bands playing. Hopefully you have lots of very talented musical friends that you can get to come and play!

For your invitations you could have it as a flyer for a music festival, your guests can book their camping spot and have them fill out their musical talent or cooking talent that they can bring to the party. This could be the ultimate pot luck party!

You could have your vow renewals out in the open and follow it by your celebrations. If you are crafty you could make an arch and decorate it with local leaves and flowers where you could renew your vows.

It sounds like it is going to be a great, very fun party! Everyone will want an invitation!

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How to ask for money for my parent's anniversary trip to Hawaii

by Melissa

My parents have dreamed of going to Hawaii on their 25th wedding anniversary as do many couples out there. Their plan was to renew their vows in Hawaii somewhere but unfortentely with today's economy, they are unable to do so. They both have been the best parents to me and I just want to give them back with planning a surprise anniversary party for their 25th which is this October, 2009. Last Christmas, I had a hawaiian theme playing in their bedroom where I set the room to look like a hawaiian island. A couple people in my family and friends helped raise 700.00 towards Hawaii but even that isnt enough to take care of their flights. I need help wondering if it is too tacky to have a hawaiian mystery box going around or should I do that secretly with the guests that way my parents don't know that we are trying to raise more money?

Hi Melissa
I think it's lovely that you want to help your parents get to Hawaii for their 25th wedding anniversary and I don't think it would be tacky to ask friends and family for contributions if it is what they want.

Find out how much it would cost for the holiday that they would like, you could then ask guests for vouchers for a particular travel agent or for cash. Make sure you don't push it too much and just say that you have started an anniversary fund for them if they would like to contribute.

You may find that with the current economic climate you will find some vacation bargains which would mean your money will go further.

Good luck with your parent's anniversary present.


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Sentimental 65th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Grandparents

by Angie

They are wonderful grandparents. They love their family. They are 85 and they have 3 kids, 6 grandkids, and 7 great grandkids. As with most elderly people...they have everything they really want so it is hard to buy for them. We have done the video thing, and the quilt. We are all getting together to celebrate. We are not doing a sit down party type thing. Any ideas as to what we could do to make it even more special and all about celebrating the miracle that started with the two of them.

Hi Angie

A 65th anniversary gift idea that starts with your grandparents is a lovely idea and it leads to the obvious family tree, but for such a big celebration it needs to be pretty special.

You could have a family tree on a big board for everyone to look at, starting with a photograph of your grandparents on their wedding day. It is almost that their wedding day is the birthday of your family as you all know it.

Taking the family theme you could have everyone write why they love being part of your family and why your grandparents are so special to them. You could combine the 65 years and have 65 reasons of how special they are from everyone. This can then be collated in a book for your grandparents with lots of photos of the two of them and you all.

Hope that helps you get started on an idea, would love to hear what you decide.

Best wishes

Suzanne and Simon

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Entertainment Ideas For A 1st Anniversary Party

by Melissa
(Montgomery PA 17752)

The couple is my mom and step-dad. They got married early this year. I am planning to do a big anniversary party for them in March. They are loving people. My mom is 44 and my step-dad is 69. I am inviting all of our family and most of them are younger. I am trying to find something that will be entertaining for young and old and cheap. Please help me!

Hi Melissa

Every annivesary party needs music, so you need that too start with, this doesn't have to be expenisive it could be an mp3 filled with all the songs that everyone lovs. You could maybe ask one of the guests that is into their musc to put together a playlist.

Games at parties are a great way to get everyone talking you could ask everyone to bring a photo of them as a baby and then have a guuess who contest. You could also have a treasure hunt, or a quiz, try and theme them to your Mom and step Dad or questions about the family.

As your 1st anniversary is traditionally celebrated with paper you could have stacks of paper and get everyone to make the best paper airoplane and then race them or you could make lots of paper flowers for your mom!

Have fun planning a great annversary party!

Suz and Simon

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In what order should and anniversary party start

It's Gothic we wanted to go out of the box.


The great thing about anniversary parties is that they are not like your wedding day. They are of course about all of the good things from your wedding day that you want at your celebration!

And there is no written rule as to the order of an anniversary party whatever your theme. However quite often couples follow a similiar plan to their weddings.

Which would mean that you may want to do something like this;

Renewal of wedding vows


Drinks reception

Call in for a meal

Cutting of your anniversary cake

Speeches from anyone that would like to make one!


Good luck with your anniversary party planning, there are lots of ideas and help to plan a wedding anniversary party.

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I am in need of any ideas for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. I have a small hall rented with about 40-50 guests invited. I need a theme, and actvities.

by Kelly
(Mantua Ohio )

Mother never worked, father was an insurance salesman. Went on few vacations. They own a cabin in Maine and have gone all summer long since his retirement every year since 1988. Mother is a very high fashionable woman. They have 8 children, 15 grand children and 5 great grandchildren with one on the way. 2 of their children will not be able to attend the party because they live out of state. I have a small hall rented with about 40-50 guests invited. I need a theme, and actvities. What is a good time frame, just a few hours, early aftenoon, evening, etc? It will be late October and the invitations will need to go out around Labor Day week. Should I include the theme on the invite?

Hi Kelly

A 60th anniversary is celebrated with diamonds which is a great sparkly theme for your parent's 60th anniversary party. You can add sparkles to the invitations and decorations!

With such a selection of ages at the party it might be a good idea to have the party in the afternoon and have the party as a celebration of the last 60 years, a few hours is perfect.

Maybe start with an arrival drink and then something to eat, folloed by cutting of the anniversary cake and then hopefully you would have a number of volunteers that would like to toast your Mother and Father.

For the entertainment photographs are a great way to get the party started, you could have a display of photos from your parent's wedding and photos from the 60 years. It is a nice idea to have photos that include everyone at the party and one way is to ask everyone to send you their favorite picture of them with your parents.

You could put together a diamond hunt - just like a treasure hunt for a 60th anniversary themed party game. You can buy 'diamonds' at a craft store that you use on cards and then have those hidden around the hall.

Anothe fun game for anniversary psrties is to have little quizes about your Mother and Father and the last 60 years.

Have fun planning your parent's anniversary party!

Good luck


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How to plan a 60th Wedding Anniversary party?

by Karen E. Fox

Mother and Father have been married for sixty years.

Hi Karen

A 60th wedding anniversary party should be a great celebration but it is worth thinking about the kind of party that your parents would enjoy.

Are they the type that would love a surprise party or would they prefer to be involved making sure all of their friends are invited?

When you have decided the type of party you need to set a date and make a start on the guest list.

With the approximate numbers you can start looking at possible venues for the party and when you have found the perfect place secure the date with a deposit.

Now you can send out the invites - these will also set the theme for the party. A 60th anniversary is trditionally celebrated with diamonds. For the party invites you could have a sparkly 60th on the front, or a photograph from their wedding day.

Send out your invites at least 6 weeks before the event, longer if you have guests that are going to be travelling for the party.

You may want to organise an Anniversary Cake - this could be a replica wedding cake or a big cake with Happy Anniversary.

Book your florist if you want flowers on the tables.

Book a photographer to ensure there are lots of pictures to mark the day.

Collate all of your guests invitation replies, along with any dietary requirements so that you can confirm numbers with the venue.

If you are planning on catering the event yourselves then get as much help as possible!

Good luck with your plans


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What to do for parents 30th anniversary

by Emily
(St. Louis)

My parents will celebrate 30yrs next June and I want to do a party. They met and got married in California so if I could tie that in that would be great. They do so much for my kids and I that I want to do something really special for them. I am an only child so it is falling solely on me, I am having my family and my best friends help me out. I wasn't able to do 25yrs so that is why I want to make this extra special. I don't know what to do as far as directions or themes or anything. My parents are pretty laid back people, they are most comfortable in shirts and pants, nothing fancy at all.

Hi Emily

Your 30th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with pearls which can be a great start to your ideas for party plans. Lots of 30th wedding anniversary party ideas here.

Or if you are looking for a more informal party then think about the decade that they were married in, which for your parents would be the 1980s! One of the most fantastic decades for party ideas. If your parents are laid back you could have lots of fun with a 1980's themed party. The shoulder pads, Dynasty, Dallas and the great music could all be themes!

If you want the party more personal dig out old photos of your parents and have those around the room, you could also ask the guests if they can bring their old photos from the eighties too. See if you can find some old posters for California from the eighties as well.

Have fun planning the 30th wedding anniversary party!

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How should I organise the 25th wedding party for my parents with a low budget of approx.20000 to 22000 rupees?

by priyanka

They both are very fun and loving, my dad is a very romantic kind of person.

Hi Priyanka

When you are organising a wedding anniversary party on a limited budget you need to be creative.

You can either have a party at home and do all of the catering yourself - with help from family and friends or maybe look at having more of a lunchtime party at your parent's favorite restaurant for a smaller number of guests.

If your parents have a favorite outdoor place then you could look at having a family picnic, ask your guests to bring items for the picnic. If you have an outdoor venue you won't have to spend as much on decorations.

A cheap way to decorate is to display lots of photos of your parents from the last 25 years, you could ask older family and friends if they have photos that they would like to share.

The key to planning a cheap anniversary party is to get lots of help, and I am sure you will have lots of people that will want to volunteer for such a fun party.

Good luck with your plans


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What can we do that's so different for a 60th wedding anniversary

by Debbie
(Central Coast NSW)

Stan and Noreen are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary


60 years is a fantastic wedding anniversary to be celebrating and is more about having everybody together. It would also be best to check with Stan and Noreen as to the type of party they would want. Do they want a great big party or a more intimate get together?

60 years is traditionally celebrated with diamonds and you could have a sparkly party. There are a lot of party supplies available with 60 to help you decorate.

For a unique party you could go back in time and celebrate each decade that they have been married. You could decorate the room with a big time line with all their important dates on it and photographs, lots of photographs! Births, moving house, weddings and other fun family moments could be on it. Start with 1948 and work your way to 2008.

If you have tables for the guests to sit they could all represent a decade with copies of photos from that time and newspaper copies.

Ask everyone to get involved - maybe even ask each family member to take a decade to collate all the memories.

During the party you could have a 'This is your life' presentation, either projected from a laptop or in a book.

If you have lots of people involved it will make the party much easier to organise.

Good luck with your plans!

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How to put together an anniversary book

I am having a 60th anniversary party for parents.
I want send out and ask the people that I'm inviting to write something about/or what they remember about the couple and send it out w/the invitation and then I can put together a book of these thoughts for them to have. Do you have any ideas on how I can do this?

An anniversary book sounds like a great gift for your parent's 60th anniversary!

You could go about it two ways;

First is to email/post alist of questions to all of your guests as this will help those that find it hard what to write.

Questions could be; what is their first memory of the couple, what is their favourite memory about the couple, what they love about them and their anniversary wishes for the future. You could also ask them for a photo to add to the book. You may want to put an addressed envelope back to you for the rsvp and also their contributions.

When you have everyone's you could literally stick their answers into the book as that will have everyone's handwriting which is much more personal. Or you could have a photo book made up for you.

Get a FREE Photo Book!

Second, would be to have the anniversary book as a guest book for the day of the party, that way you will make sure you have a message from everyone. You could also have the questions on a sheet or go with a more natural approach and ask everyone for their anniversary wishes.

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Which theme can I go with for a 5th annivesary party?

Married for 5 years this year. Been dating for 6 years before getting married. Couple outgoing and like to have fun, had a lot of challenges in the marriage to get this far. Have 2 kids aged 4 and 4 months boy and a girl. Trust was somehow broken by husband and he's on the road on working on regaining wife's trust.

A 5th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with wood and that is not a great theme for a party, the modern list does not help much either as the theme here is silverware!

If you look at the flower anniversary list your 5th anniversary is celebrated with daisies which is a very sweet theme. You could include the wood theme and have a very natural themed party with a giant picnic.

However there are times when big romance is called for and this would be one of them. A very romantic party that is a clebration of the love of the couple and all for the benefit of the wife. This needs to be her time where she feels a big part of this 5th anniversary party.

So there doesn't need to be a theme apart from the shared years together. You could have lots of photos of the two of them from all the years they have been together.

If you are thinking of going big party then you can't get any bigger than renewing vows.

Have fun planning the anniversary party!

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10 Year Anniversary Centerpiece Ideas?

by victoria hernandez
(new braunfels tx)

Hello my name is Victoria Hernandez and my Husband is Steven Hernandez we married 10yr ago and know we want to have a Big Nice wedding party I just want to know what is proper and what is not. We didn't have anything big at all we only had two friends there with us when we were married the first time but it was our choice we went to a local resturant where we had a few family and friends meet us there. We went home after that. He has always wamted to have one and i have decided to have one for our 10yr anniversary party. I want to know what is over the top we are having the ceremony outdoor at a friends house on the lake! so please help me figure out the dos and donts thank you Victoria Hernandez

Hi Victoria

Congratulations and an early Happy 10th Anniversary to you both!

It is lovely when you can celebrate your wedding anniversary the way you want to and the great thing about anniversary celebrations is that there are no rules - this party is completely how you want it.

Lots of people use big anniversaries to renew their vows and have the wedding they have always dreamed of. You could choose to have a formal wedding reception complete with a cake and speeches or have something more relaxed it is completely up to you.

There are lots of wedding centerpiece ideas here to help you get an idea of what you would like.

Or if you want to theme your centerpieces to your 10th anniversary then the traditional metal is tin. You can make beautiful lanterns out of tin or use tins as vases for a beautiful but informal centerpiece.

Good luck with all of your plans.


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Themes For Your 60th Anniversary Party

by Nikki
(Fort Wayne Indiana )

They have been married 60 yrs. I want to make it special for them they have lots of granchildren. They are all about family. Not rich but want to be able to give them a gathering that will be remembered. Just don't know a theme.

Hi Nikki

A 60th wedding anniversary party with family and friends is a perfect way to celebrate a great anniversary like this one.

You could use diamonds as the theme as it is the gift for that year and there are a number of party supply shops that could help with themed decorations.

Or you could use the 1950s as the theme as this is when they were married, your invitation could have a picture from their wedding day on the front and don't forget lots of old photos to display at the party. It really gets everyone talking! You could even ask guests to bring their own photos to share. You may want to take copies so the originals don't get lost.

If you have someone who is fairly technical you could ask them to put together a video with photos and music that they both enjoy.

Or you could have a 'This is your life' red book and have friends and family tell a few of their favorite stories of the couple.

Hope that helps get you started.

Best wishes


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Can an anniversary party be like a renewal party all in one?

by Tweety
(hannibal, MO USA)

The husband is not very social but the wife is outgoing all the way around and they enjoy playing cards and music.

The husband had an affair and they are rekindling their marriage, they had plans for a do over wedding because they had gotten married in the yard and the wife wants a traditional wedding. Many in the family oppose it so how do we go about planning a spectacular party that accommodates not only the couple but the family also. (family is very important to the two)

Hi Tweety

Yes an anniversary party can be a renewal party as well.

How about having an intimate ceremony to renew their vows and invite the family members and friends that the couple would like there, but not everyone. Make the ceremony small but perfect.

After the ceremony you could then look to have a wedding reception style party with photos from the earlier ceremony displayed for everyone to see. You could also have photos from their wedding as well. Everyone likes to look at old photos!

When the family members that are opposed to the wedding realize how important this is to the couple they will want to be part of it.

Good luck with the plans!

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I want to throw my husband and I our 10th anniversary party in Las Vegas. Don't know where to start?

by Rayshele
(Elk Grove,ca)

10th Anniversary Party

10th Anniversary Party

We want to give ourselves an anniversary party with friends and family. We are pretty much laid back and we enjoy the simple things out of life nothing big ad expensive. We got married in court house with close family nothing big. But we kind of want our 10th year anniversary big because we didn't have a big wedding if that makes sense.

Hi Rayshele

Congratulations! 10th anniversaries are fun and a great reason to have a big party.

Start by printing our free anniversary checklist it shows you step by step how to plan a great anniversary party and helps you remember all of the little bits as well! We have laid it out as a month by month guide of when to do what.

Start by setting your budget and writing your guest list, when you have an idea of numbers you will be able to start looking at venues.

Think about the style of your anniversary party, the catering and your entertainment.

You may also want to have a photographer to record the day, make this the wedding that you dreamed of!

Good luck with your plans!

Best wishes


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How would we decorate for a surprise 30th anniversary party that will be outside?

by Lauren

We are having the party in the back yard, and in the basement with the bar. What could we use to decorate without it looking cheap or tacky? My mom is very neat and worried about what others think, so her house is going to have to look perfect. My dad is more laid back. Please help!!!

Hi Lauren

Surprise anniversary parties are brilliant and it's good to take into account your parents wishes, this way they will love the day as well.

A 30th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with pearls and a great way to incorporate that into your theme is to use balloons. Now I know you said not tacky and balloons can have that kind of reputation but you can buy pearl colored balloons that are more round than the usual. Don't go mad with balloons, just a few dotted about.

To compliment the pearl theme you can have ivory colored paper lanterns, have these hung up around the back yard. You can also use garden lights to give the outdoors a sparkle!

If you have the space for tables and chairs then you can cover the tables with linen cloths and then have clear glass vases with cut flowers. Beautiful roses would look great in any vase, or you could use your mother's favorite flowers instead.

Keep the decorations simple and classy and don't go mad with any of the items, you will have a party that your parents will be delighted with.

Good luck!

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How Can I Plan Mom and Dad's 21st Wedding Anniversary Party?

My mom and dad are really nice. They like it when we make things ourself, and are perfectly happy with a party at home.


To be honest you have answered your own question :o) by the sounds of it having the party at home will be perfect for your mom and dad and also for your budget.

A 21st Wedding Anniversary is celebrated with brass on the modern anniversary list, you could use this color to create beautiful decorations and also find an inexpensive brass gift.

Try and get as much help as possible, ask relatives to bring their best dishes to help with the catering.

Have fun organising a great party.

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It's my cousins 2nd anniversary what kind of party can I throw them?

by Ebonee Baccus

They are in their late 20s and really into music but they are very classy.

Hi Ebonee

I am sure that they would love any party that you were to plan for them, the idea that someone would do this for them will mean so much!

As they love their music you could see if you could go to a local venue that they love that plays live music and get everyone to be there to celebrate with them.

Or start the evening earlier and have a meal followed by a show.

Or you could look at holding the party at home then have everyone to send you their favorite music that reminds them of your cousins. You will get a very wide range of music that will cover a lot of tastes and will mean that everyone will feel involved in the anniversary party and your cousins will be able to enjoy music that means something to them.

Another idea is to have a cocktail and canape party at a local classy bar.

Your 2nd Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with straw or cotton. A difficult one to theme a party to but a great one for anniversary gifts.

Whatever you plan for the party will be amazing.

Have fun planning the party!

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Anniversary Party Help

by pat
(manchester uk)

My husband and I will have been married 30 years in June we have managed to save for a small holiday but I would like a party for family and friends at home that won't cost the earth as we are pensioners and money is tight.

Can you help???

Hi Pat

First an early congratulations on your 30th anniversary!

Traditionally your 30th anniversary is celebrated with pearls and so it would be a nice idea to use that as your theme.

Make your own 30th anniversary invitations by emailing us a photo of the two of you from now or on your wedding day. Free photo anniversary invitations are available here.

Keep the party fairly informal with nibbles and party food, if you have a friend that is great at making cakes why not ask them if they would be able to make your anniversary cake.

Dig out your wedding photos and photos from the last 30 years and have them displayed around the room. You could even ask your guests to bring photos of themselves from that time too, you could then play the game of guess who.

If you feel you need party games then take at look at the
anniversary party games here.

Good luck with all of your plans and if you get a chance we would love to see some photos of your party.

Enjoy your anniversary holiday.

Best wishes

Suz and Simon

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Who Normally Throws The Party? The Parents Of The Couple Or The Couple?

It is our 10 year anniversary in 2012 and we are starting to think about the anniversary party!

What are your thoughts on who would host the party?


Congratulations on your soon to be ten year wedding anniversary! Traditionally it is celebrated with tin.

Anniversary parties are very different from weddings in that it is normally the anniversary couple or the couple's children that host the event. That doesn't mean that parents don't ever host anniversary celebrations, it is just not the norm.

Mostly by the time you have been married 10 years it is your choice on how you choose to celebrate and so if you want the party then you will need to plan it!

10th anniversary parties are fun, we enjoyed celebrating ours with family and friends - we had quite a house full and so many children. Over the 10 years a lot of children have been born!

Your 10th anniversary is the first big one and you could have a formal party or a more relaxed one.

Don't forget to dig out the wedding photos as everyone will want to see those!

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Surprise Anniversary Party or not?

by Rshee

I have wanted to throw a party for my parents' wedding anniversary for years, and this year is their 30th anniversary, but I am not sure if a surprise party is a good idea or not. I live quite a few states away and would be arranging everything from a distance. I was thinking of having the party at their house or a friend's house to make it more personal and less expensive than a restaurant, but the whole prospect is a little daunting. Anyone have any ideas about planning parties from afar or advice about pros and cons of surprise parties for 30th anniversaries? I would appreciate any advice!

Also, does anyone have any advice on the party planning process? Seems like there is a lot more involved in anniversary parties than bringing a cake, singing happy birthday, and hanging around with friends and family.

Hi Rshee

A party for your parents' 30th Anniversary sounds like a perfect way to celebrate but it is best to think about your parents first and the type of party they would enjoy!

You may find that they would like a small family dinner or a surprise party where everyone is invited!

Your 30th anniversary is celebrated with pearls and there are lots of fun 30th wedding anniversary party ideas to get you started.

Plus a free printable anniversary party planning checklist so you don't forget anything!

As you are planning the celebrations from a distance it is a good idea to call in help from closer to home as they will know all of the good places and suppliers.

Have fun planning this great anniversary party for your Mom and Dad.

Good luck

Simon and Suzanne

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Anniversary Party Food To Serve In A Church Fellowship Hall

Pretty teacup table decoration

Pretty teacup table decoration

We recently had a request for help on food ideas for an anniversary party in a church fellowship hall, which got us thinking! The couple are older and have been married a number of years so the food is best if it is traditional. That is not saying that modern food such as mini burgers, soup shots and curry wouldn't be enjoyed, it is just not food that your guests would expect at this style of venue.

I don't know about you but the fellowship halls that I have been into only have a basic kitchen if that, so thinking about the facilities is a good place to start!

If your kitchen facilities are basic you will need to bring all of the food with you.

Plus you will need to think about the time of day the party is and without generalizing too much most parties in church halls are either at lunchtime or in the afternoon.

If you have a lunchtime party then you could have a classic buffet with sandwiches and cakes, or if it is cold outside how about serving lots of different soups? Most people have crock pots that you could have the soup in, or you can hire soup kettles from most catering hire rentals.

If you are having an afternoon tea then you could serve all of the favorite cakes, mini afternoon sandwiches, quiches. Basically party food! You could have cupcakes or cookies in all their favorite flavors!

Or you could go with a very traditional afternoon tea, with cake stands filled with gorgeous cakes, pots of tea served in china cups. Linen table cloths and vases filled with flowers would add to the overall look.

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How do you word the anniversary invitations so it is clear that the meal is "Dutch Treat"? Everyone will order/pay for their own food.

This is a question for a friend of mine who is planning her parent's anniversary celebration with her siblings. It will be at a restaurant with separate checks for each attendee/couple.
Many thanks!!

As your friends are planning the anniversary celebrations at a local restaurant I can only guess that there won't be that many guests. The best way to communicate that everyone is paying for their own meals is to speak with the guests to ask if they would like to join you rather than sending a formal invitation. You may want to organize a set menu with a fixed price so that your guests know exactly how much they will be paying. When you have spoken with everyone you may want to send an invitation so that all of the guests will know exactly when and where!

A nice gesture would be to have a welcome drink, maybe a glass of bubbly or something that you know that everyone will enjoy.

Hope the rest of the anniversary planning goes well!

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Looking for tips on how to have an inexpensive 20th anniversary party

by Terri

Writing today about my husband and I. We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. Plan to have the celebration at our home. Looking for ideas without having to spend alot of money.

Hi Terri

Your 20th anniversary is celebrated with China from the traditional list or with platinum from the modern list. A fun theme that would fit for your party would be Chinese, you can buy inexpensive paper lanterns and Chinese decorations either online through places like Ebay or at local Chinese supermarkets. A Chinese buffet would then add to your theme for the food.

If Chinese is not your thing then look at holding a seventies party, complete with flares and platform boots. Fancy dress would be compulsory. Entertainment will be all your favorite tunes from the seventies and decorate with photos of you and your guests from that decade.

Both party ideas will cost you very little and having a theme will mean that your party will have a great wow factor. Your invitations will be easy to do at home on the computer, stick with the theme and your guests will know what to expect.

Enjoy your day!

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how 2 plan a 50th anniversary at the beach?

by Yani
(Syracuse, NY USA)

OK... almost 50 years ago my in laws met at the beach, we would love to have their anniversary there. Still to this day they go to the beach in the summer, they got married july 30th, they are very family oriented, but the family has not been together in a few years we know that they would love this but we lacking ideas, any suggestions pls...

Thank u respectfully Yani

Wow Yani!

You have to have the anniversary party on the beach, it would be such a special day and a beautiful location for an anniversary party.

The first thing is to see if you can book any space on the beach as you will want to keep everyone together. Or have a look and see if their are any venues that overlook the beach if you wanted a more formal party.

You could start the anniversary party with a ceremony for them to renew their vows, and maybe include a unity sand ceremony using sand from the beach. This is where you have a large vase that the couple and others from the pary pour sand into from their own individual vases. It would be a lovely touch to have all of the family add to the vase showing how united you all are.

After the ceremony you could have an informal barbeque or picnic - this works really well if you have lots of younger children as they will be able to play on the beach. Or you could all move to the reception party at a local venue.

Try and get photos from over the years that your in laws have visited the beach as this will be a fun reminder for everyone why this beach is important to them.

Make sure you take lots of photos, even hire a photographer for the day to help create lots of new memories.

Good luck with your plans.

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How do we make their anniversary special ?

by Beverley

My mom and Dad have been married for 60 years. They have 10 Children, all grown and married.They have 23 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren .They have lived in the same home for 60 years.They love having their family around and they love visitors.They hate secrets and not knowing what their family is up to.

Hi Beverley
60 years is a great reason for a party and by the sounds of your parents they would probably love one!

If they hate secrets then I would have them involved in the planning - otherwise they may feel left out.

Try and get as many of their family and friends there to help celebrate, if their home is big enough why not have an open house and let all of their local friends know they can pop in.

If you could hire a photographer for the day then this will make sure you have all the memories to look back on.

As family is so important to them a great keepsake is to have a family book, make sure everyone sends recent photographs to you and a message for their Happy Anniversary. Ask them to write about good times shared and why they love them. You could then have all of the messages and photos bound in a book as their 60th anniversary gift.

Good luck with the plans!

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