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Gifts For Your Love, Issue #172 -- Romantic Holiday Ideas
October 21, 2015

Are you ready for your Best Holiday Time EVER?

We didn't think you would be! There are not many of us that can safely say they are ready in October, so we thought we would plant a few romantic ideas with you. Just to get you started.

Because if you want a super romantic time with your beloved there are lots of ideas but you do have to be a bit organized.

Top Tip 1 By a bit organized we mean all wrapped and ready because there is no point in having a romantic evening planned if one of you is still upstairs wrapping your gifts.

Top Tip 2 Think about the kind of Holiday time you would both enjoy and also your family commitments during that time. Set time aside in your diary for just the two of you, this is even more important if you have children!

Top Tip 3 Make sure you are ready with everything you need for romance! We are thinking mistletoe, candles, movie, dinner - if you need to book it or buy it make sure you do.

Holiday Date Ideas

* A weekend away for Christmas shopping, somewhere you have both always wanted to go.

* A romantic dinner at a restaurant that isn't full of Christmas parties.

* A Christmas Eve walk to get the Christmas Tree and then try and walk it/ drive it home again.

* A favorite romantic Christmas movie night in

* A log fire, a big snuggly throw and a bottle of wine

* An early morning walk, just the two of you on Christmas Day morning Cute Holiday Decorations

Memories are part of the Holiday Season and having cute decorations that you bring out every year is a really sweet way to remember the fun times you have shared. Plus putting up the decorations together will get you both in the Holiday spirit.

These matching personalized Christmas Stockings would look really cute hanging up at yours.

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas - Order Early For Great Deals

Romantic gifts make your heart go Boom!

Your Memory Lane For Christmas

Remember all your special moments you have shared together with a Your Memory Lane personalized print.

Order now for the holiday season. Orders completed by November 30, 2015 can enjoy $10 off a 2 building print, $20 off a 3 building print, $30 off a 5 building print and $40 off an 8 building print. Use Promo Code: XMas2015.

We hope you have the most magical of Holidays with lots of fun and laughter.

Happy Holidays!

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