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Wedding Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Wedding Anniversary decoration is easiest if you stick with a theme, it helps that most of the major anniversaries have a specific colour that you can use as your focal point. Gold for your 50th, Silver for your 25th and Ruby for your 40th. For our recent 10th anniversary party we used the theme of Champagne!

Have a look at the anniversary list to see what your anniversary's symbol is.

When you have your theme, visit the venue for the party - even if it is your own house - and look at the room as it would be set for the party. What areas do you want to hide? Where are the best areas to be decorated? Where is your room's focal point?

Now set your budget - it is all too easy to go to the party supply shops and even when you are out doing your normal shop and put another balloon pack, garden gnome(!?)into your basket. In other words, have a plan.

Make a list of all the items that you want to use and decorate. Balloons are a cheap and easy decoration, they don't have to make it look like a children's party. Balloons are great for hiding areas and adding focal points with balloon arches and columns. It is best to get a professional in for the more complicated stuff, but if you just want clusters of balloons at the tables then this is fairly easy to do yourself. All you will need is a gas cannister and balloons - available from all good party shops and some volunteers to help tie the balloons with ribbons.

Flowers are a beautiful way to decorate a room but can be expensive, think of having the flowers where they will make the most impact. Entrances, top tables, guest tables are the most obvious

Other table decoration ideas are candles - best to check with the venue that they are happy for you to use them. You can either have them in candleabras or tealights in glasses or you can display them on a mirror tile to give double the sparkle.

Other sparkles can be with the metallic confetti scattered on the tables - do not do this if you are at home!! It takes months to clear it up - and you still find little bits.

A very personal wedding anniversary decoration is to have photographs of the couple on their wedding day and up to today. You could either display them on one wall or have them framed on each table. Plus it's a good giggle looking at all the old photos. It might be an idea to have the originals copied as you don't want them damaged.

More anniversary party ideas here!

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