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Romantic Cotton Anniversary Gifts

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Here is how to put the romance into your cotton gifts for your 2nd anniversary.

You can start with traditional romance and a beautiful bouquet of cotton roses...

2nd anniversary cotton roses

Cotton Flowers

Find your cotton rose bouquet  at Just Paper Roses.

Personalize with your own romantic message or how about this cute cotton quote.

"You are sweetness and light. Human cotton candy" Myra McEntire

And these adorable cotton gifts would be perfect.

Or you could look at adding your own romantic quote and personalize their favorite cotton gift.

Personalized Cotton Anniversary Gifts

Personal cotton anniversary gifts are full of shared jokes, cute phrases and lots of love. You can have any phrase you want easily put onto any cotton items, but what to write for your second anniversary?

They can be fun and flirty. Have your phrases on a t-shirt, cap, apron - really anything. Zazzle has great quality cotton products that you can have anything you want put on. You just type in the phrase and they will do the rest.

Cute Cotton Canvas

There are some really cute cotton canvas' to choose your romantic message.

We love the date canvas and you could add your anniversary to the list too.

Our favorite places for canvas' are;

2nd anniversary gift basket

Pampering Gifts

Not everyone is into wearing their heart on their sleeve and so for those more private romantics look to pampering cotton gifts. Put together your own spa luxury with soft cotton towels , bathrobe , those funny slippers and lots of gorgeous smellies. You may not want to have these all wrapped up, you could surprise them with a hot bubbly bath, candles, soft music and their very own personalised towels. Men love this just as much as women!

How about a spa gift basket with all of the goodies.

cotton candy machine for your cotton anniversary

Cotton Candy

For a fun cotton anniversary gift you can't beat your very own cotton candy machine , it might take a little practice to create the perfect cotton candy creation but just think of the fun you could have trying!

Happiness is ... cotton candy disappearing into your mouth!

Take a look at your local What's On guide and see if there are any fairs or a circus that you could go to - then you could enjoy the cotton candy without having to make it yourself!

Plus a scary ride or a whirl on the Carousel adds to the romance of your day.

2nd anniversary canvas bag

Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are also becoming more popular as they are much better for the environment than a plastic bag, plus they are much more stylish! Fill your cotton bag with all of their favorite goodies - chocolate, candy, books and smellies, anything goes for a great personal cotton anniversary gift.

You could make your own bag at Zazzle.

2nd anniversary gift for your husband

Cotton Clothes

Beautiful cotton clothes are also a great gift to receive as they are so comfy and classy, look out for the fairtrade symbols to know that you have bought great ethical clothing.

For those who love to travel you could tease your partner with a new holiday outfit - a gorgeouse new t-shirt wrapped in a holiday brochure! And there are a number of countries to choose from if you are looking for a cotton producing country; China, India, USA, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Turkey and Greece are some that are also great places to visit.

2nd anniversary cotton gifts

Romantic Cotton Gifts

LOVE cushion covers or a cute "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"

Lots more gorgeous and romantic personalized cotton pillows

More Cotton Goodies

New! Gift Ideas

What anniversary gift are you planning? We would love to hear!
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